Water god


Water god -When the dragon has left

The  work presented  for “Takasegawa-river sculpture exhibition 2013″

2013.11.1-10, Takasegawa-river, Kyoto
Flower; Salix


I got confused when I was invited to present my work for
“Takasegawa-river sculpture exhibition”.

Because I had never created a sculpture or show my flower work
in a river in the nature.
But I knew they invited me as an ikebana artist, not a sculpture one.

If I try to create the exact shape of dragon, it would be a sculpture,
not the one everyone are expecting me to do.

How about the flower work from which you will image there was the dragon here?
It will be an ikebana flower.
Trees would be caught in a storm and
the river would shine with fallen scales after the dragon, our water god have left.

And only if we believe in his existence,
He will leave a beautiful blue flower, which nobody has ever seen.