United Flowers Amsterdam
This is the work in Amsterdam when I joined Artist in resistance “Deshima AIR” from April to Jun 2015

12th-17th  July  2015
Hobbemakade (next to Rijksmuseum), Amsterdam, Holland
Flower; Rose, Paeonia


I realized that the city is a vase for me ikebana artist who emphasize
a beauty of vase more than flower.
I think this is the most different part from European flower arrangement.

Not only this, I found many things from many countries,
Holland, Britain, France and Italy.
Those thing I corrected stuck in my mind as pretty pieces
which would show me out line of Japan.

Amsterdam is the city which was built along canals.
All streets are along canals and all houses are along streets.
It means we can look straight ahead from any points of the city.
I thought this is the beauty and unique point of this city
which I tried to emphasize with my flowers.

I could have not created it without a lot of effort of
many Dutch friends and Japanese friends.


Deshima AIR
Rudy Klaassen
Ayumi Matsuda
SAS blomiste
boerrma instituut
G fresh
AFK (amsterdam fons voor kunst )
Kyoto city, Pontocho city plan council