“ikebana” is

“ikebana” is
The presented work for “The new generation Ikebana artists in Kyoto 2012” 

2012.11.1-3,  DAIMARU department sore

This Ikebana exhibition is held for the promotion of Ikebana and
young Ikebana artists in Kyoto every second year.

We artists put on Black light behind each Ikebana works as a new challenge on 2014th.

“What is the difference between flower arrangement and Ikebana?”
Some people ask me.

I would say, it is “unfinished” as other Japanese traditional arts.
We reach completion of Ikebana when the viewer feel something on the flower
after we arranged.
It would be a scenery they’ve ever seen,
or knocking sounds on a new season.

It isn’t ikebana just arranging flower in “the traditional ways and tools”.
There is no doubt that we have something more important than flower in ikebana.
It is a heart to see something over flowers.

I created this work with the concept of that
by getting a maximum effect of the black light.